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Day or Night Courses:

Dún Laoghaire VEC, Century Court
100 Upper George's Street
Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

Find Us

Dún Laoghaire VEC is located in the heart of Dún Laoghaire town and is easily accessible by public or private transport. Click on the following links to plan your journey:

Rail | Bus | Car


Local Youth Club Grants 

Applications are now invited for the local Youth Club Grant Scheme / LYCGS 2013 >>> click here to see more information

Grants for Youth Work Groups

Local Youth Club Grant / LYCGS

The local Youth Club Grant Scheme supports youth work at a local level and is administered by the VEC.  Each October/November volunteer-led youth work clubs and groups can apply for assistance under this scheme.   Following consideration of submissions, grants will be payable to suitable applicants subject to resources available. 

In 2008, 33 voluntary clubs and groups were funded under this scheme which benefited over 3,800 young people in the Dún Laoghaire area. 

Applications are now invited for the local Youth Club Grant Scheme / LYCGS 2013 >>> click here to see more information

Young People's Facilities and Services Small Grants

In DLVEC, the YPFSF is used to assist in the development of preventative strategies to divert at risk young people in disadvantaged areas from substance misuse.  These strategies include the development of youth, sport and recreational facilities and services in disadvantaged areas where a significant problem exists or has the potential to develop. YPFSF also provides small grants to groups working locally in response to the requirements of young people from disadvantaged areas.

The YPFSF small grants are advertised on an annual basis and are available to groups working directly with marginalized young people between the ages of 10-21 years. Priority is given to voluntary youth groups in the Drugs Task Force area.  Small grants Applications from groups that demonstrate they have had or are likely to have a positive impact on the target group will receive greater attention.

DLVEC operates a number of special youth projects, projects in partnership with the Local Drugs Task Force and several projects directly under the YPFSF.  The YPFSF is operated in partnership with Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and the Local Drugs Task Force.

Youth Project Support

Support for youth projects is available for all youth orientated programmes and projects in the Dún Laoghaire area. The aim is to provide needs-based support for youth initiatives. This support ranges from the provision of advice and information, to support in administering and completing grants, to linking services and young people and providing child protection training.

Youth support works with a number of key agencies to identify youth gaps and issues and support the programmes which are likely to best address these. The service also supports the promotion of a platform for young people and a 'youth voice' as a key role.

The YPFSF Project Support Officer can provide assistance by telephone or by calling out in person.


Further Information

Dublin and Dún Laoghaire ETB

1 Tuansgate
Belgard Square East
Dublin 24

Tel: +353 014529600
Email: info@ddletb.ie